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Human Resource Consultant

Ottawa, Ontario


Human Resource Consultant

Federal government organization based in Ottawa (the “Client”)

The Client is seeking a contractor (the “Contractor”) to provide a thorough and objective analysis of potential critical issues and employee concerns within the organisation, and to gain an overall organizational perspective of possible problems and sources of conflict. The services to be provided by the Contractor will offer an opportunity to enhance all parties’ awareness of issues that may contribute to workplace conflict, to improve morale, empower employees and facilitate acceptance and collective commitment to positive change.
The Contractor will develop customized intervention strategies and techniques that are sensitive to the culture, values and complexity of the organization and specifically address identified organizational needs. The requirement for such services is to respond to employee feedback/concerns repeatedly expressed through a variety of communication mechanisms.

1 HR consultant


The Contractor shall provide an objective analysis and overall assessment of the workplace, to improve understanding of some of the concerns raised. The assessment shall make it possible to establish intervention and communication strategies adapted to the current situation, present the results obtained, and implement recommendations for the future.
The Contractor will conduct employee interviews as well as administer anonymous surveys to staff, to solicit feedback about experiences with respect to workplace harassment, respectful workplace, values and ethics, etc. The Client requires information from an employee perspective in order to determine and implement an action plan to address inappropriate behaviour.
After an in-depth analysis of the situation and following the interview and survey, the Contractor will analyze the data and provide the Project Authority with a detailed report to include recommendations to promote a healthy work environment. The services provided shall promote personal accountability, thereby facilitating acceptance by all parties of the positive changes to come and their collective commitment to them.



Due to COVID-19 measures, meetings and employee interviews will primarily be held virtually, via teleconference, etc. If required, in person meetings might be held.
The Contractor must complete the remainder of the work at its own premises. No protected information will be brought at the contractor's workplace.
Type of contract
Duration of contract
  • 90 days
  • Options will be exercised in time only
Number of Days of Work per Year
90 days
Starting date
The exact starting date is still unknown.


Level of Education Required
The Contractor must have a Master or PHD degree in Psychology or in the field relevant to the services provided in this contract.
Diplomas, Certifications and Trainings
Not necessary but if so, the certification must be relevant to the field of application. Acceptable certifications include but are not limited to those on the following list:
  • Certified Human Resources (HR) Professional (CHRP)
Experience Required
  • A minimum of three (3) Projects of Workplace Assessment within the last five (5) years, as the project lead as co-lead relating to workplace assessments, in either the private or public sector.
  • More than 15 years’ experience in conducting workplace assessments and/or harassment/discrimination investigations in either the private or public sector.
  • Bidder should demonstrate experience maximum 15 years in providing workplace assessment services to senior level executives (senior level executive is defined as the Director level and above) within the federal public service or private sector.
Linguistics Requirements

Other Requirements
  • Must have reliability status clearance
If you wish to apply, please submit your CV to HRConsulting@acosysconsulting.com no later than September 25th 2020, 2:00 pm.
Acosys Consulting is a 100% Indigenous-owned Company - Providing Direction to your IT and HR projects for the last 10 years. We apply the principles of employment equity and invite women, indigenous people, members of visible ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities

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