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Project Managers and Project Executives

Ottawa, On
Acosys Consulting is currently looking for Project Managers/ Project Executives for long-term contract roles. 

Our client has committed to an urgent and important business need to support senior management oversight of an increasing number of investments in high priority complex projects. The business need is twofold: the first is to improve the quality assurance framework, including quality measurement, analysis and control; and secondly to define and foster a culture of continuous quality improvement throughout the enterprise.
  • Perform gap analysis between the current and planned quality assurance models/architectures.
  • Develop transition plans to address the gaps resulting from gap analyses.
  • Develop the business architecture and framework enhancements, including processes, models, strategies and organizational structures, to help achieve the objectives of the Quality Assurance Program.
  • Define business models to serve as the foundation for enhancing accountability and improving decision-making.
  • Participate in requirement definition sessions with stakeholders and clients where required.
  • Develop quality assurance deployment and adoption plans and objectives.
  • Provide expert advice on the key initiatives to enable the enterprise to deploy high-impact high-quality business services that are focused, accountable and measurable.
  • Provide expert advice in developing and integrating process and information models to existing the business architecture.
  • Develop Business Capability and Business Process documentation and design Business Operational and Organizational Views.
  • Participate in change impact analysis and change management activities.
  • Provide regular recommendations for improvements to frameworks and practices.
  • Enforce business architectural alignment (where required)
  • Review, evaluate and update current service management practices, including quality measurement and control processes.
  • Ensure the clients Quality Assurance processes, templates and tools are communicated to, and are adopted by, all stakeholders.
  • Assist in the establishment of integrated quality measurement and control plans; and
  • Provide ongoing support to the Quality Assurance Program Office.
  • Business Architecture specifications focused on quality assurance and quality control (e.g. current, target, and transition architectures)
  • Updated quality management frameworks
  • Business Capability, Business Information, and Business Process documentation
  • Impact assessment visuals (e.g., dashboards, plans, charts, tables and diagrams) to assist in communicating quality assurance strategies and procedures
  • Gap analysis document between current and planned quality assurance models
  • Concept of Operations documents
  • Quality Assurance deployment plan
  • Quality Assurance adoption reports
  • Quality Measurement reports
  • Various monthly status reports, as required
Mandatory Requirements
  • Must demonstrate at least 10 years of experience within the last 15 years as a Project Manager/ Project Executive.
  • Demonstrate at least 7 years of experience within the last 10 years with the use of IT Service Management practices. This experience should include the design, development and implementation of Service Management frameworks, and Governance structure
  • Demonstrate 4 years of experience within the last 8 years managing the deployment and operation of a large shared service that meets at least the following characteristics:
    • Serving 9500 clients, Had a measured availability of 99.9% (7 days/week; 24 hours/day), Covered a Provincial area, Had a service team of 50 people
  • Demonstrated experience in implementing a strategic performance measurement framework as a Project Executive or Chief Information Officer. This experience must include the following:
    • Interpretation of compliance criteria, Development of KPIs, Organizational-wide implementation, Measurement analysis
  • Demonstrated accountability for team performances, gap analyses between current and the target business architectures as a Project Manager/ Project Executive or Chief Information Officer.
  • Demonstrated accountability for developing and maintaining an annual budget related to IT services as a Project Manager/ Project Executive or Chief Information Officer.
  • Demonstrated a variety of IT management services such as eMail system management, Network system management, Data Centre management, Server and Data Storage Management, or VPN management as a Project Executive or Chief Information Officer.
Must have an Undergraduate University Degree  or a Advance diploma in a discipline related to Computer Science, Information Systems or, Engineering (Electrical /Computer / Systems or Software) from a recognized Canadian educational institute.
Security clearance – Secret or above
Apply to:
Acosys Consulting Services thanks all applicants. Please be advised that only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted. If interested, please forward a copy of your resume by email to: pravikumar@acosysconsulting.com.
Acosys Consulting applies the principles of employment equity and invites women, indigenous people, members of visible and ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities to submit their application and expressly mention their group membership status.

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