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Bilingual Senior Business Consultant

Ottawa, Ontario
Bilingual Senior Business Consultant
Our Public client is actively seeking to hire a Senior Business Consultant for a contract position. The contract is 1 year in duration with the opportunity to renew for an additional year. The client requires a Senior Business Consultant to oversee and support the transformation of its information management/ information technology (IMT) portfolio, services, technologies and data management. The Senior Business Consultant is responsible for the development and implementation for its current and future IMT needs. There are various tasks that will be spread out over time and will be carried out with the help of a team. These elements have been broken up into different IMT tasks.
Tasks/ Deliverables
  • Audit – conduct a high-level audit of sector IMT skills and activities by planning, executing, validating and reporting
  • Governance – establish a strategic governance framework and resource model for the sector with clear roles and responsibilities that is connected to the clients IMT governance structure
  • Expenditures – create a mechanism to get better line of sight on sector IMT expenditures, analyze and advise on investment/ reallocation options and position sector to better articulate its needs and leverage funding opportunities through the clients IT planning process
  • Planning – identify the necessary processes and tools to equip the sector with standard planning practices for projects/ activities that improve cross-branch coordination
  • Service delivery – establish a hub and spoke model that structures a dedicated IMT team inside the LMS Business Management Services and Data Branch (BMSDB) to support common IMT sector needs (e.g., participate in committees, reporting, etc.) and allocate targeted support to branch IMT projects/ activities as needed (e.g., project management, business analysis)
  • Information and data management framework – lead the development of a sector framework that guides the sector’s activities in IM and data
  • Strengthen relationships – form effective relationships with the client and other sector IMT representatives to ensure clear communication of sector needs and participation in broader IMT conversations and departmental asks
  • Communications – deliver strategic, effective and timely briefings with Project Authority and the clients senior management, including the development of in-person or written briefings (including presentations, dashboards, briefing notes) and speaking points to support senior management participation at meetings)
  • Audit report outlining findings and recommend actions to address risks/ issues
  • Provide a framework document that illustrates how the client should structure itself in terms of IT reporting and approvals and participate in the client – level committees
  • Create a dashboard or similar product that reflects the sectors current IT investment and needs
  • Provide a list of all processes and tools the sector can develop to import how to plan its IT function
  • Provide organization structure with roles and responsibilities
  • Develop an implementation plan for the clients data strategy and create a roadmap – building on the clients current IMT strategy
  • Hold regular meetings with clients IT staff and ensure clients representation at department meetings
  • When requested or anticipated, produce briefing products to support IT conversations and deliver in-person briefings
  • Hold a degree from a recognized university in/ or closely related to computer science, information management or information technology  
  • Or, hold professional certification in CISA, Ca, etc. and have a minimum 5+ years experience closely related to the tasks and deliverables
  • Provide a detailed curriculum vitae (CV) for the proposal. CV’s must include the following:2 recent and related project references that can attest to the knowledge and experience of the proposed resources (Provide name, title, project info, project dates, phone & email)
  • Have demonstrated a minimum of 5+ projects within the last 10 years providing comprehensive service audits of information management/ information technology (IM/IT) ***a comprehensive audit is defined as an audit that is wide ranging and thorough including audit planning, execution, management validation and reporting***
  • Have demonstrated experience related to SW 4.1 of Annex “A” statement of work (SOW) for the projects success on 2+ business transformation projects (Each a minimum of 6+ continuous months) that utilized IT as a business enabler***A business transformation is any organization/ business change (people, process and technology) that makes effective use of change management and is aligned with strategic business objectives, and demonstrates core business service change rather than merely optimizing or implementing a technology service. 
  • Minimum 12+ months experience contributing to the development, delivering and supporting of presentations and briefings to senior management (equivalent to Director General and above) on a regular and ongoing basis within the last 2 years.
Point-rated Qualifications
  • Demonstrated project experience in IT control and testing showing a minimum 5 projects in the last 10 years & 10 projects overall
  • Demonstrated experience documenting and identifying risks supporting an IT project showing a minimum 5 projects in last 10 years & 10 projects overall
  • Have experience in assessing and reporting with organizational IT security controls showing 5 projects in last 10 years & 10 projects overall
  • Hold valid certification in information systems auditing
  • Hold valid certification in enterprise architecture (e.g., Togaf)
  • Have demonstrated a minimum of 12 months experience working within a federal government department, or area of the department, where the client has a science-based focus. 
  • Have demonstrated 5+ years of experience performing tasks in a complex, integrated Information Technology (IT) Environment*** a Complex, Integrated Information Technology (IT) Environment is defined as an environment that is controlled by multiple internal and external stakeholders (excluding mandatory service providers such as Shared Services Canada), with multiple integration points across other simultaneous projects.
Acosys Consulting Services thanks all applicants. Please be advised that only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted. If interested, please forward a copy of your resume by email to: pravikumar@acosysconsulting.com.
Acosys Consulting applies the principles of employment equity and invites women, Aboriginal peoples, members of visible and ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities to submit their application and expressly mention their group membership status.   

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