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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist (Level 3)

Ottawa, Ontario
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist (Level 3)

Our Public client is actively seeking to hire a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist (Level 3) for a contract position. Client requires the services of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialists (Level 3) in support of client major projects as identified in each Task Authorization. The focus will be on developing and implementing business and technology work plans in the event of a disaster resulting in disablement of client production systems and business processes. The Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist (Level 3) must provide advice on all matters associated to business continuity/disaster recovery with the specific project identified in the Task Authorization.

  • Analyze impact on, and risk to, essential business functions or information systems to identify acceptable recovery time periods and resource requirements;
  • Create business continuity and disaster recovery plans from impact and risk analysis, and obtain signoff from Project Authority;
  • Create and administer training and awareness presentations or materials;
  • Create scenarios to re-establish operations from various types of business disruptions;
  • Develop emergency management plans for recovery decision making and communications, continuity of critical departmental processes, or temporary shut-down of non-critical operations to ensure continuity of operation and governance;
  • Establish, maintain, and test call trees to ensure appropriate communication during disaster;
  • Identify opportunities for strategic improvement or mitigation of business interruption and other risks caused by business, regulatory, or policy changes;
  • Interpret enterprise requirements of disaster recovery to ensure compliance to client and TB standards;
  • Maintain all project artifacts as per established document management requirements for the department and TB policy; and
  • Transfer functional and technical knowledge to the project team and client staff through individual and group training, demonstrations, written instructions and documents on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the project.
  • Document outlining essential business functions, acceptable recovery time periods, rationale, and resource requirements for disaster recovery;
  • Business continuity / disaster recovery plan including known risks and mitigation strategies, compliant with ESDC and TB policies and regulations;
  • Report summarizing testing activities, including description of goals, planning, scheduling, execution, results, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations;
  • Training and communication materials based on the business continuity / disaster recovery plan; and
  • Call trees in the event of disaster recovery.
  • Must have at least 10+ years demonstrated experience as a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist in an IM/IT environment.
  • Must have demonstrated experience as a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist, on 2 relevant business projects, each for a minimum duration of 6 months, in a similar environment as that described in the Statement of Work, in a government or private sector environment. Both projects must have been valued at greater than $5M.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 projects each demonstrating experience, within the last 5 years, in each of the activities below reviewing, assessing and documenting an organization’s business continuity/disaster recovery plans:
    • Business continuity/disaster recovery requirements, risks, issues and gaps;
    • Essential business functions, acceptable recovery time periods, rationale, and resource requirements for disaster recovery;
    • Risks and mitigation strategies related to the disaster recovery plans and processes;
    • Defining roles and responsibilities related to the business continuity/disaster recovery plans and implicated stakeholder groups;
    • Establishing a baseline of business continuity/disaster recovery processes, templates, and tools for the system and/or business area leadership to use or evolve as necessary; and
    • Identifying and documenting internal controls to ensure process is consistent, and compliant with existing policy legislation.
  • The proposed resource’s experience must be demonstrated using project descriptions.
  • Using 5 projects each with a minimum duration of 6 months, the proposed resource must demonstrate experience in each of the technologies, software and tools identified in the TA as essential. Demonstrated experience must be within the last five years.
Acosys Consulting Services thanks all applicants. Please be advised that only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted. If interested, please forward a copy of your resume by email to: pravikumar@acosysconsulting.com.
Acosys Consulting is located in downtown Montreal serving many government partners specializing in Information Technology, Human Resources and Business Solutions. 

Acosys Consulting is an equal opportunity employer and apply the principles of employment equity and invite women, aboriginals, members of visible and ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities to submit their application.

 You can visit our website at www.acosysconsulting.com

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