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Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3)

Ottawa, Ontario
Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3)

Our Public client is actively seeking to hire a Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) for a contract position. The client requires the service of Project Managers (Level 3), in the role of a Release Manager. The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) must work as part of a team of professionals to determine which project components will be delivered in each release, that the capabilities expected are present in the release, that they function as required, and that the testing is comprehensive so that the new and existing systems work when moved into production.
The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) must provide overall advice on all matters associated with project release management associated with the specific project identified in the Task Authorization:


Working with a team of departmental staff, the PMO, and project managers, the Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) supports the project. Working with project component team leads, the Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) must develop a release management strategy and plan, which integrates multiple software updates and implements new products into multiple environments.
The objective is to assist the program manager to establish and implement common procedures, standards and controls to ensure smooth and consistent release management, including managing change and release tasks.
The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) must plan and manage shared elements of the release, e.g. user documentation, test planning and execution. Effectively, the Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) must act as overall project manager for the phases of the release where the individual projects are coming together, without releasing the responsibility of any project manager to bring their projects successfully through the common project phases.
The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 3) tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Direct and manage the activities to build and maintain software releases for their promotion to the production environment, including providing direction and guidance in the establishment of a release management strategy and plan
  • Coordinate the gathering of release requirements from business line group(s) and schedules the planning phase work to review and make decisions on those requests
  • Lead the release negotiation and planning process whereby the release team considers candidate clients projects for the release and functionality to be created by those projects and makes trade-off decisions about what to include
  • Assist the senior client stakeholders in the management of on-going release management activities and processes by arbitrating resource issues, scope, content, and schedule between projects for the purpose of optimizing the overall release to meet the objectives of the project
  • Involve stakeholders to reach agreement on release content
  • Construct an overall release management schedule with milestones showing key dependencies between components of the release, key phase transitions for various components, how projects are integrated together, and shared test phases. Plan to also include resource requirements and a cost estimate for incorporation into the total cost and overall program management plan
  • Work with various team leads in the creation and maintenance of the integrated release management schedule using the departmental software standards- Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Enterprise Project Server
  • Organize component projects to implement each approved release
  • Create and document the release management processes, including but not limited to the following:
    • The documentation process
    • The testing process
    • The training processes
    • The change control process
  • Work with the project managers to ensure on an ongoing basis that risks and issues are assessed and managed and that resource conflicts are identified and resolved
  • Identify and track risks related to release management
  • Document any possible deviation that may impact the deployment schedule
  • Identify, track, and manage assigned issues to resolution or escalate for resolution, as needed
  • Obtain on a weekly basis report status and issues from the project managers for projects involved in a release
  • Assist the program executives and team leads to ensure that release management deliverables and deadlines fall within the established and approved program plan
  • Prepare and deliver release management briefings, presentations and progress reports to senior management and steering committees
  • Help individual project managers determine how to best use the client project life cycle given a project’s size and complexity, helping them to get maximum benefit from the process without unnecessary overhead for small projects in the release. The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 2) and project manager must agree on what specific deliverables the release team needs from the project team
  • Review the planning phase deliverables from each project to ensure there is no missing information in order to assure quality execution
  • Support team leads in the development of release management related training materials in support of the client projects
  • Ensure that individual projects do not proceed beyond their high-level design phase without appropriate reviews with other projects affecting the same areas of system architecture and that IMP gate reviews are successfully completed at the key points in time defined in IMP before proceeding
  • Evaluate the release by holding meetings with the release team including individual project managers to step back and assess the progress of the release and how well the release management process is working. The Project Manager - Release Manager (Level 2) must ensure that insights and actions from this meeting are recorded and addressed
  • Conduct an end-of-release close-out meeting including a full “lessons learned” brainstorm and development of recommendations for the next release
  • Ensure that any release process documentation is updated based on the recommendations stemming from the “lessons learned” sessions
  • Transfer functional and technical knowledge to the departmental project teams through individual and group training, demonstrations, written instructions and documents on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the project
  • Maintain all project artifacts as per established document management requirements for the department and TB policy
  • A status report on a bi-weekly basis, documenting the progress of the work described above in Tasks, including difficulties which may affect overall schedule and planned tasks for the next reporting period. The status report must include:
    • Activities completed within the reporting period
    • Planned activities for the next reporting period
    • Risks/issues that will require the attention of the Project Authority
    • Corrective actions as required
  • Presentation of materials for committee meetings including monthly dashboards
  • A detailed release management plan captured and maintained in MS Project Server
  • Documented release management processes
  • A report on lessons learned and improvements to be made within release management processes.
  • Must have 10+ years demonstrated experience, within the last 15 years, as a Project Manager working in an IM/IT environment.
  • Must have 1+ year experience, within the last 7 years, establishing, supporting and leading Release Management on a minimum of 2 projects, each valued at $5M or more. For project experience to qualify, the proposed resource must have been on the project for a minimum duration of 12 months.
  • Must hold a valid Project Management Professional (PMP) or other internationally recognized project management institute. A copy of the certification must be provided with the résumé.
  • Using 5 projects each with a minimum duration of 6 months, the proposed resource must demonstrate experience in each of the technologies, software and tools identified in the TA as essential. Demonstrated experience must be within the last five years.
Acosys Consulting Services thanks all applicants. Please be advised that only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted. If interested, please forward a copy of your resume by email to: pravikumar@acosysconsulting.com.
Acosys Consulting applies the principles of employment equity and invites women, Aboriginal peoples, members of visible and ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities to submit their application and expressly mention their group membership status.   

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